A Moment With Cecilie Nachman

Copenhagen, Denmark

Photographer: Laura Short

Cecilie Nachman, founder of Nachmans and in-house stylist at The Poster Club, on life with kids in the city of Copenhagen – and the luxury it is for her to use her hands to create.

Cecilie at her desk with her boxes, vintage fabrics and pacifier clips that she creates under her own brand Nachmans. Her pacifier clips are sold exclusively at Studio Mini.

The best thing about life with kids in the city is

that our family and friends are so close by. I also appreciate the girls growing up in a multicultural place, where style and looks and homes may look very different from your own.

Our little corner of the city feels small and safe. We know the people who live here – the girls play in the backyard with our neighbours' children, and once in a while we eat dinner together. Or help each other out, should somebody need it. That is also something that I strongly cherish.

Our apartment is quite small so we use

lots and lots of storage options. I prefer closed storage boxes in all kinds of sizes, from tiny to large, and I use them for just about anything.

Our style is colourful and playful, and you'll find lamps, textiles and posters on the wall in the girls' room, that might as well have hung in our living room.

On the weekends, we enjoy

getting on the bike, and driving to the local playground. We drink coffee and talk while the girls play. A museum is also an option, but we all need to be in the mood for that.

Sometimes we go to our summer house and do nothing. That is such a lovely option if we've had a hectic week. We all relax there.

A glimpse into Cecilie's Frederiksberg apartment, which she and husband Ulrik share with their two daughters, Hannah and Dora.

In our fridge you'll always find

butter, eggs and oat milk. That's enough to get us all going on those mornings, where one or two – or all of us – are up a bit too early.

I am currently very inspired by

the architect Eileen Gray's summer house, which we have just visited. The house is almost 100 years old, but feels and looks modern to this day. Everything here is thought through down to the tiniest details.

I am not as minimalistic in my way of decorating, but it was still very inspiring for me to see a house, built so long ago on such modern premises. It made me want to go home, clean up, throw away and leave behind only what is absolutely necessary.

In my work with own brand Nachmans I particularly enjoy

finding that piece of vintage textile.

I usually hunt for vintage fabrics at flea markets here in Denmark, and when travelling in France or Italy.

And then the calmness I feel once I sit down to work. It's so meditative for me to use my hands – especially these days, where creating something with my very own hands is such a contrast to working on a computer.

"Working with my hands is a form of meditation. It is such a personal luxury for me to just sit and create."

— Cecilie Nachman

Cecilie's handmade changing mat, which is made from a beautiful vintage fabric found in France.

A little black piano sits in the corner of the room filled with true treasures found on flea markets, including a pink globe and a large doll house.